THE HIDDEN THERAPIES – part 3 – Jerzy Zieba (set)

THE HIDDEN THERAPIES – part 3 – Jerzy Zieba (set)


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Volume 3.1

Volume 3.2

ISBN 978-83-961368-8-6 – Volume 3.1

ISBN 978-83-961368-9-3 – Volume 3.2

Published by: Egida Consulting Sp. z o.o. Sp. j.
Number of pages total: 685
Size: 148 x 215 mm

Review by Andrzej Frydrychowski MD, PhD 

“A few years ago, I received the first volume of Hidden Therapies as a gift from a doctor friend (she has no time to read nonsense, and I was interested in this subject). I thought, ah, another obsessive author. As I started read- ing, my attitude changed. Here was someone not professionally involved in medicine writing about matters so obvious to me in a way that even my dear colleagues cannot understand. He doesn’t write about prescriptions for treating diseases but deals instead with their causes.”

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